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Will T-ara be Disbanded?
Wow, talk about drama. All of this info about T-ara members bullying member Hwayoung is something straight out of a K-drama. Netizens have been quick to defend Hwayoung and to find info on the other members who they believe were apart of this bully campaign. Some netizens have even found old footage that shows Hwayoung being bullied on tv shows by the other members. The announcement about the group's fate is supposed to be made today around 1pm KT (which was supposed to be 7 minutes ago). I will keep you updated!!! What do you think about all of this drama? Do you think they will disband? I am not sure they would be able to recover from this if they don't disband.
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i siwh hwayoung leave!! for a better life!!
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can vingle make a "Anti T-ara" party? uggghh
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I heard some people are saying they are going to throw eggs at their next concert! ><
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