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Sukitte Ii nayo (Say "I love you") live action movie 2014 teaser,trailer and a special trailer
Can't wait for the movie, I'm sooo... excited.Looks like it will be great. Cast Haruna Kawaguchi - Mei Tachibana Sota Fukushi - Yamato Kurosawa Tomohiro Ichikawa - Kai Takemura Rika Adachi - Aiko Muto Tasuku Nagase - Kenji Nakanishi Rima Nishizaki - Asami Oikawa Ryosuke Yamamoto - Masashi Tachikawa Arisa Yagi - Megumi Kitagawa
omg I watched the anime of it , it's so beautiful and of course the movie are
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can i know where can i watch this movie with eng sub?
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@shuminggoh it's not out online yet, but when it comes out I will post it in my Movie collection
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