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Eric Gansworth's first young adult novel is a vivid portrayal of life on the reservation and off for Lewis Blake. Sharing a decrepit trailer with his mother and uncle, at school he just wants to stay under the radar. When he begins to bond with George, an Air Force kid, over their love of music, he's unsure of how much of his home life to share. Each chapter is titled with either a Beatles or Paul McCartney song, and there's a full discography at the end of the book. Gansworth opens the world of the Tuscarora Indian Reservation to his readers through his memorable characters, in both humorous and heart-breaking ways. Students will discover the two different worlds Lewis navigates and the price he pays to do so. This book is a worthy addition to any middle or high school collection! Sell it to your reluctant reader and your music lovers--you know, the ones who have to pull out an ear bud to hear you! Be sure to check out the YouTube playlist included here--all the videos for the songs in the book, in one spot for your listening pleasure:)
@LibraryLady That's awesome, thanks! It's cool that readers can enhance their experiences with music and the like.
@timeturnerjones, Deborah Wiles uses music in her planned 60s trilogy. Countdown and Revolution are out now (and I'll be making a card for Revolution soon!) She has YouTube channels for all the songs she mentions in the books.
It's very cool that Gansworth tried to pull in younger readers by incorporating music, which people are way more likely to admit to being into than reading at that age. I want to check it out too, if only for the track list. Do many authors use music to pull in readers for this age group? If not, they should! @LibraryLady