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Josh and Jordan Bell are the stars of their middle school basketball team. With lots of drills with their dad, a former NBA player, and lots of discipline from their mom, the assistant principal at their school, the twins are successful on and off the court. But now Josh's vision of their path through college to the NBA is shaken, as Jordan becomes as interested in a girl as he is in basketball, and their dad's health becomes an underlying worry for the entire family. Kwame Alexander writes a realistic portrayal of an upper middle class African American family appropriate for readers in 6th grade and up. The unique style of the novel, with its mix of prose, poetry and short raps from Josh will appeal to reluctant readers. Fair warning: one 8th grade boy who read it told me it needed to go on my "Books That Will Make You Cry" list. Highly recommended!
@LibraryLady Totally! Characterization of male characters can definitely give the wrong idea, especially in books young boys are encouraged to read. hopefully more and more books like this will be shared
@timeturnerjones, it's worth a few tears! I think too many books for boys right now are focused on violence. It's good to let boys know that there is a range of emotions, and they're all OK (well, a little less rage or anger would be good, but I think you know what I mean!)
@LibraryLady I was sold on buying this book for my cousin, but then it said it might make him cry--hmm. Still, I think he'd really love it! I don't have to worry about adult themes or anything, either.