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I love the terrarium craze that sweeping the interior decorating world! Here is how to make your own little indoor garden: Materials -- Container -- Activated charcoal pieces -- Potting soil -- Gloves -- Terrarium plants -- Sheet moss -- Watering can -- Trowel Directions -- Add approximately 1-2 inches of charcoal at base of container. --Combine remaining charcoal with soil either by hand or with trowel. --Fill your container one-fourth to one-third full with the charcoal-and-soil mixture. Gently pack the soil every 2 inches to avoid large air pockets. --Carefully remove your plants from their containers and position them on top of the soil to ensure proper spacing. Allow enough room between the plants for additional soil. --Use your hands to pack soil in and around plants. Tuck plants deep enough into the soil to cover all plant roots and to keep the plants from reaching too far above the top of the container. --With gloves, position moss on top of the soil and between the plants. --Water plants and place container in a well-lit area with indirect light. Future watering is dependent on the types of plants you have selected and the environment they're growing in. Test the soil for moisture before pulling out the watering can. --Maintenance is minimal once the plants are established. As they grow you may want to trim any branches that grow out and over the top of your container.
These are so fun! I love when people get really detailed and put figurines in their terrariums haha
Sorry for not knowing gardening lingo but a trowel is a little shovel thing right?
This looks so easy to maintain, perfect for forgetful me
My favorite local cafe has a ton of little terrariums that hand from the ceiling, I always wanted some in my house. This seems easy enough!
@kristenadams @caricakes I love the hanging terrariums :) @nokcha Yes, its a handheld shovel of sorts