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Girls' Generation Debut anniversary project
To All SONE!! I know some other Vinglers are doing some other projects for other celebs. I think I want to do the same thing for our lovely Girls' Generation!! On August 5th, SNSD is going to celebrate their 5 year debut anniversary. Let's post cards and congratulate them!!! I live in Korea, so I want to compile all SONE's cards and send them to SM Entertainment and SNSD!! If you want to participate, it's super easy!! 1) Go to this party and click "Join" (http://www.vingle.net/Girls-Generation-SNSD) 2) Click on "Add a card" button 3) Create your card! Select your language, and upload your content for SNSD, it can be such as fan art, fan fiction, pictures, letters, or fan videos etc (in any language!!!!) 4) In the "Relevant Party" field, type 'Girls' Generation'! Type in any other relevant parties if you want! e.g. 'K-Pop', or other members' parties. 5) Write whatever you want to say in your card. Tell them how you feel, hope that they will read what u say and be encouraged!!! 6) Please leave the link of your card as a comment here so that I can compile all the cards together, print them and send it to SM Entertainment and SNSD! Deadline: August 5, 2012 Don't forget to share this with all SONE around you, and prove that we love them love them love them very much!! suzyy0919
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