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Guide for Beach Towels in The Summer Holiday

Summer is coming, and the need to be ready to go to the beach returns.

The traditional towel is a must when you go down to the beach. And today there are all kinds. Think of the traditional terry towel or other more elegant, designed, and refined materials.

As always, everyone's needs make the difference: think, for example, of those who want to travel in comfort and are looking for a towel to put in their backpack.

And again, the difference between towels for children or beach towels for adults; between cotton, microfiber, or terry cloth sheets. Each has its own characteristics with strengths and weaknesses.

Size and material

A beach towel is a towel of a particular size compared to those used in the bathroom.

On the market, there are sheets of all sizes, materials, and colors.

From the smallest ones for children and teenagers to others of extra large size, extremely popular in recent years as a design element

Once the size has been decided, we move on to the material: and almost always, we go to evaluate between sponge or microfiber. The first was the most requested until a few years ago, almost an obligation for those who went to the beach given its characteristic of absorbing water.

Over time, microfiber beach towels and even cotton began to spread, more refined products for colorful beach towels of sure design.

The last differentiation that must be evaluated is linked to the final use that will be made of the towel: are they towels for boys? Or beach towels for adults?

Beach towels guide for children and adults

Beach towels for boys are obviously more vibrant in shades; colored beach towels, and almost always in sponge material, which is more resistant and therefore more suitable for children.

Microfiber towels are more delicate but have the advantage of practicality on their side: in fact, we are talking about very thin towels that take up very little space in the suitcase or backpack. This is of fundamental importance if you have to deal with hand luggage, for example when leaving by plane.


Basically, the choice is vast, colored beach towels or softer shades, towels for children or adults, in terry, microfiber, or cotton, colored towels for a summer full of panache.
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Family time in Halong Bay Vietnam
Vietnam is a charming land in the lap of Mother Nature and anyone could experience it on a holiday. The natural beauty of Vietnam seems to have influenced the minds and souls of the native people also… and then the warm welcome by VietnamTourPedia team added icing on the cake. We have been for a long time planning travel in Vietnam with family, but due to one or the other reason it was getting postponed. This time too, a thought arose if we should take the trip as this year we had our 8 months our baby daughter with us. But we made up our minds that nothing would stop us this time. We chose the Halong Bay as our travel destination in Vietnam and booked the Halong Bay Tours 2 Days / 1 Night package. Although we were initially a bit concerned if Vietnam’s climatic conditions would suit our baby, our fears were dispelled when we reached Hanoi city where she was still as bubbly as ever. We were warmly welcomed, picked up by the travel company staff, and dropped at a hotel where we freshened ourselves, had our breakfasts and got ready to go the Halong Bay. It was a 3 hours long drive by van. The van was new, luxur ious and comfortable. The journey did not make us tired at all. Upon arrival to the Halong Bay, we were warmly welcomed by the teh cruise crew and its staffs and provided a nice drink and lunch. The staff helped us unload our luggage from the van and brought it to our clean and comfortable cabin where we were to stay that night. The cabin had a large bed with clean new sheets on them. The view of the Bay from the window was beautiful. The bathroom had nice shower. When we got freshened up, we were taken for sightseeing. Halong Bay vietnam in such a beautiful sightseeing destination. No wonder it has been chosen by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Destination twice. We were shown many karsts of different shapes that resembled a human head, a tea pot, a lion, a toad and so on. Nature had wonderful drawn beautiful arts using the land itself. We visited the Sung Sot Cave. Our guide was a lot informative about the place. His descriptions sounded quiet interesting and everyone was keen listening to him. Some of our co-passengers spent their time swimming in the crystal clear waters while we enjoyed the sun bath for a long time. Late in the evening, we were taken to a restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious dinner and then back to our cabins to retire for the night. We could sense care in the services offered by the staff when two of them approached us to ask if we needed any special amenity for our baby at night. We had a peaceful sleep in the cabin that night. The next morning we were taken for cruising through the Van Gia floating village which was an amazing experience. We enjoyed the kayaking too. We visited some other beautiful places too and finally returned back to the Hanoi City in the evening. Tour guide and cruise staff took great efforts to make our journey an enjoyable one.
Top 14 best Beach Resorts in Vietnam
The best beach resorts in Vietnam chosen by our expert, including 5-star, oceanfront luxury resorts to intimate boutique hotels. Almost all of these best Beach Hotels and Resorts in Vietnam offers inexpensive accommodate on exclusive private beach. Many of the best Beach Hotels and Resorts in Vietnam in this list are valued by prestigious tourist magazines or portals every year. So, here is Travel Vietnam’s list of best beach hotels and resorts in Vietnam in the most tourist-attracted regions. Hôtel Perle D’Orient - Mgallery Address: Cat Co 3 Beach, Cat Ba Town, Hai Phong City, Viet nam Type: Boutique hotel Stars: 5-star Website: Perfect For: Couples, Families, Beach Relax View on Google Map Located in Cat Ba Island, Hôtel Perle D’Orient - Mgallery is a boutique hotel with personality for a remarkable travel experience. It is nestled between towering limestone karsts and lush island mountains. The hotel brings a cosmopolitan touch to a classic Indochine style, while offering guests with sublimes views of Lan Ha Bay and the nearby Cat Ba National Park. Each room features an open style layout modeled after traditional Vietnamese homes and designed to evoke Indochina’s storied history. Rooms range from 110 USD to 480 USD. Vinpearl Resort & Spa Halong Address: Reu Island, Bai Chay Ward, Quang Ninh, Ha Long, Vietnam Type: Beachfront · Private Beach, Stars: 5-star Website: Perfect For: Couples, Families, Beach Relax View on Google Map Located separately on Reu Island in the Ha Long Bay complex, highlighted by a gigantic picture of gorgeous nature. The resort is inspired by Rennes Opera House (France), with a bow-shaped design that gradually embraces the sea to create a unique charm in full harmony with nature. Vinpearl Resort & Spa Ha Long offers an exceptional experience with a wonderful seaside holiday and easy access to famous attractions in Halong Bay. Rooms range from 135 USD to 455 USD. Sun Spa Resort & Villas Address: My Canh, Bao Ninh, Dong Hoi, Quang Binh, Vietnam Type: Beachfront · Private Beach, Stars: 5-star Website: Perfect For: Couples, Families, Beach Relax View on Google Map Sun Spa Resort & Villas is set amidst a spacious 29 hectares of landscaped garden along pristine white sand Bao Ninh Beach Vietnam and on the banks of the legendary of Nhat Le River. Located in the picturesque Central Vietnam city of Dong Hoi, 50 kilometers from the mystical, UNESCO recognized caves of Phong Nha, Sun Spa Resort offers luxurious accommodation in Dong Hoi, excellent facilities along Bao Ninh Beach and the perfect gateway to discover the World Heritage. Rooms range from 68 USD to 250 USD. Banyan Tree Lang Co Address: Cu Du Village, Loc Vinh Commune, Lang Co, Hue, Vietnam Type: Beachfront · Private Beach, Stars: 5-star Website: Perfect For: Couples, Families, Beach Relax View on Google Map Banyan Tree Lang Co is a private paradise of luxurious all-pool villas nestled between the azure waters of the East Vietnam Sea and the Truong Son mountain range at Laguna Lang Co. This is the perfect destination for travelers who seek a luxury hideaway or a base from which to explore this beautiful area. Step into a world of ancient and modern history, of unspoilt natural beauty and unparalleled luxury at Banyan Tree Lang Co. Featuring warm decor and sea, lagoon, or beach views, the luxurious villas have soaking tubs, gardens, and wood sundecks, plus private pools. Rooms range from 285 USD to 1,320 USD. InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort Address: Bai Sac, Son Tra Peninsula, Danang, Vietnam Type: Luxury Resort Stars: 5-star Website: Perfect For: Couples, Families, Beach Relax View on Google Map Two-time winner of the World’s Leading Luxury Resort award, Asia’s Best Resort Spa and Vietnam’s Best Resort Spa, the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort is a sprawling resort and spa set above a sparkling private bay. In the unlikely event of wanting to leave, the resort is situated near the beautiful Hoi An Ancient Town and the aptly named Monkey Mountain. Amenities are lavish, butlers are discerning, and the views unspoiled, and that’s all without mentioning that the resort’s head chef has three Michelin stars to his name. Rooms begin at 455 USD, while the three-bedroom villa will set you back 4,045 USD a night. Four Seasons The Nam Hai Address: Bai Sac, Son Tra Peninsula, Danang, Vietnam Type: Beachfront · Private Beach, Stars: 5-star Website: Perfect For: Couples, Families, Beach Relax View on Google Map Ha My Beach in the middle of Danang and Hoian is the setting for the Four Seasons The Nam Hai, one of Vietnam’s best beach resorts for its exceptional service levels, large rooms and contemporary Vietnamese feel. The Nam Hai offers 60 one-bedroom villas and 40 pool villas scattered across 35 hectares of tropical gardens and the fringe of Ha My Beach. It’s a location that is almost impossible to beat. Like many beach resorts, there are infinity pools, spa treatments and a focus on wellness, but what The Nam Hai offers is something next level. “Treatment pavilions” that float “like lotus flowers” on the resort’s Koi-fishes filled lagoon is an escape that allows privacy, serenity and the opportunity to relax unlike any other. Rooms range from 619 USD to 4,101 USD. Anantara Quy Nhon Villas Address: Bai Dai, Ghenh Rang, Quy Nhon, Vietnam Type: Beachfront · Private Beach, Stars: 5-star Website: Perfect For: Couples, Families, Beach Relax View on Google Map Built side by side to the south of the city, the Anantara Quy Nhon Villas occupies a quiet stretch of beach surrounded by low-lying jungle-covered hills. Anantara is a collection of villas, many with their own pool. Rooms range from 515 USD to 1,735 USD. Rosa Alba Resort & Villas Address: 88 Lê Duan, Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen, Vietnam Type: Beachfront - Private Beach, Stars: 5-star Website: Perfect For: Couples, Families, Beach Relax View on Google Map In harmony with its awesome setting rises Rosa Alba Resort & Villas – a luxury beach resort inspirationally conceived to capture the essence of surrounding natural wonders of the Central Coast of Vietnam and host the most welcome and appreciated guests with world-class facilities. Rosa Alba Resort &Villas offers the perfect setting for precious moments of romance, adventures, excitement and memories to last a lifetime. Rooms range from 65 USD to 380 USD. Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Address: Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam Type: Beachfront - Private Beach, Stars: 5-star Website: Perfect For: Couples, Families, Beach Relax View on Google Map A white sand beach, a towering mountain and a five-star beach resort between, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay could stand apart from Vietnam’s other beach resorts on its location alone. Prioritizing sustainability more than any other resort on this list, Six Senses works with the landscape and stunning setting that gives it such a unique quality. Nestled in a calm, sheltered bay that feels like an island, Six Senses is a world away from the chaos and hustle of Vietnam’s cities. Six Sense offers a sanctuary in the form of villas with private beaches or hillside retreats that look out over the East Sea. Gentle waves lap the white sand beaches or the rocks around the beachside private swimming pool, organic produce grown nearby is transformed into delicious meals, and the win cave has to be seen to be believed. It’s a place built to offer the most luxurious relaxation possible while prioritising the ecology and sustainability that keeps Vietnam going from strength to strength. Private villas range from 976 USD to 4,105 USD a night. Amanoi Resort Address: Vinh Hy Village, Vinh Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam Type: Beachfront Stars: 5-star Website: Perfect For: Couples, Families, Beach Relax, Spa & Wellness View on Google Map Amanoi Resort is the Aman debut in Vietnam. Ensconced in Nui Chua National Park where pristine jungle tumbles into the crystal waters of Vinh Hy Bay, Amanoi is a secluded retreat where adventure and serenity meet and mingle. The resort feels like it is a million miles away from civilization. Amanoi’s atmosphere of tranquil seclusion enhances the wellness offering of the Aman Spa and its pioneering duo of Wellness Villas, which invite immersive holistic retreats amid the natural wonders of this unique and special place. Amanoi’s 31 Pavilions and five Aman Villas are all nestled into the rugged hillside, providing plenty of privacy and impressive views with a fusion of contemporary elegance and traditional Vietnamese architectural styles. Each Pavilion is timeless with beautiful clean lines. The combined sleeping and living areas seamlessly moves from inside to out with the timber sundecks. The Pool Pavilions come equipped with private swimming pool and panoramic views out over the expansive Vinh Hy Bay or Nui Chua National Park. For even more space, each Aman Villa consists of four or five free standing bedroom pavilions with separate living and dining pavilions and large private swimming pool – perfect for those travelling in larger groups. Double rooms from 875 USD in low season, and from 1,225 USD in high. The 5-Bedroom Bay Residence costs up to 7,870 USD per night. Anantara Mui Ne Resort Address: 12A Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Vietnam Type: Stars: 5-star Website: Perfect For: Couples, Families, Beach Relax, Spa & Wellness View on Google Map Four hours east of Ho Chi Minh City, a 10 km stretch of golden beach invites unwinding. Pool villas dot tropical gardens surrounding the resort’s lagoon. Anantara Mui Ne Resort invites beachfront unwinding, and adventures in coastal, desert and lush landscapes. It is one of Vietnam’s elegant so-called ‘sea-side’ resorts. Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa offers 89 suites, rooms and pool villas all decorated in suttle shades with a splash of colour, four restaurants and bars. There is an infinity pool with sundeck, gym and Anantara Spa with luxury treatments along with activities and water sports including kite surfing and snorkeling. Rooms range from 145 USD to 830 USD a night. Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort Address: Ho Tram Hamlet, Phuoc Thuan Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ho Tram, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Vietnam Type: Stars: 5-star Website: Perfect For: Couples, Families, Beach Relax, Spa & Wellness View on Google Map The 17-hectare Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort blends Mediterranean philosophy with accents of Vietnamese culture, featuring a comprehensive interior design influenced by local traditions, contemporary design and Asian culture. The 152 elaborately designed rooms and suites all offer a picturesque view of the ocean and white sand beach. An additional 61 deluxe villas offer magnificent private infinity pools, surrounded by lush tropical gardens and unspoiled nature. The resort currently offers the opportunity to kayak or paddle board, and more programs are going to become available soon. Rooms range from 135 USD to 2,290 USD a night. Six Senses Con Dao Address: Dat Doc Beach, Con Dao Island, Vung Tau, Vietnam Type: Stars: 5-star Website: Perfect For: Couples, Families, Beach Relax, Spa & Wellness View on Google Map Located in a national marine park in southern Vietnam, the secluded Six Senses Con Dao is the first genuine luxury property in the stunning archipelago of Con Dao. With a barefoot luxury concept and a design inspired by a traditional fishing village, the resort comprises fifty contemporary pool villas, set perfectly on the beachfront. There are several delicious dining options, focused around seafood and international cuisine, along with a plethora of activities to suit the whole family, ranging from scuba-diving to cooking classes. Cultural tours can be arranged for those curious to learn more about daily life on the island, and Six Senses Spa offers a true holistic retreat, focused on yoga and wellbeing, against the striking backdrop of the Lo Voi Mountains. Six Senses Con Dao hotel in Vietnam is the kind of hotel that will have you tearing up your passport and nailing down your beach towel: why would you ever want to leave your private villa with its own pool on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches? Double rooms from 615 USD, including tax. Ocean View 4 Bedroom Pool Villa (great for families) costs up to 4,410 USD a night. JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa Address: Bai Khem, An Thoi, Phu Quoc Islands, Kien Giang, Vietnam Type: Stars: 5-star Website: Perfect For: Couples, Families, Beach Relax, Spa & Wellness View on Google Map Edging the sand and surf of Khem Beach, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa is a luxury haven amid a stunning travel destination. What was once a 19th-century French university has been reimagined as an eclectically themed, lavish beachfront playground by renowned resort architect Bill Bensley. Set along a ribbon of beautiful shoreline in Phu Quoc, the resort welcomes you with luxury rooms and suites with private balconies, along with beautifully appointed villas, complete with sparkling plunge pools. Ignite your senses with a global range of gourmet cuisine at any of our five sophisticated restaurants and bars. Lounge by the mosaic-tiled, seashell-shaped pool or on the immaculate white sands of Khem Beach, reserved exclusively for hotel guests. Rejuvenate your well-being with locally inspired massage, beauty and luxury wellness therapies at Spa by JW. Let the beauty of Vietnam’s largest island inspire every sense at JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa. Rooms range from 320 USD to 5,530 USD a night. Vietnam is a a safe holiday destination, as well as a paradise for beach lovers. Seeing a panoramic view of the beautiful morning sun in some of the best beach resorts in Vietnam or enjoying a gorgeous weekend along the country's best beaches with white sand and crystal sparkling water. It will be an unforgettable holiday for you and your loved ones. Bookmark Travel Vietnam for more most updated travel news and tips, as well as the carefully designed tours. See you in Vietnam!
Reasons Why Nha Trang Should Be Your Next Getaway to Vietnam [Not Just the beach]
Whether you’re a family, a group or a single traveller, Vietnam's Nha Trang has a lot of thrilling and cultural adventures to offer as well as many attractions that cater to you! Trang Phu Street The lights and sounds of the mainstreet of the town are unlike anything you will experience in Vietnam. Come here to enjoy the nightlife, from the beach side bars to restaurants that serves fresh delicate adn yum sea food. Po Nagar Cham Towers in Nha Trang An awe-inspiring one-of-a-kind teak structure, the historic cham towers is a cultural monument, art installation and religious shrine dedicated to Chinese and Vietnamese Budhhists. SEE: BEST THINGS TO DO AND NHA TRANG TOUR White Buddha Statue The statue is more than 14 meter high. There are many accidents on the roads The dead wander around and can't find a way to go. They become devils and cause more accidents or trouble everybody. This buhhda shows the dead the enlightment and how to go to the Nirvana or to reincarnate humans . Before stopping breathing to death, all buddists pray "Mammo Amitaba" for help. That 's the name of the buddha "Amitaba". If we can't find the enlightment, we will be errant souls or we will be punished in the hell forever. Mud Bath Nha Trang Sitting in a tub of mud feels as odd as it sounds, but it has become a quintessential Nha Trang experience. The mud is purported to have all sorts of healthy, healing properties. There are four places to test out this theory, and the facilities include jacuzzis, mineral water swimming pools and other novelties for a full day hydrotherapy extravaganza. And for a laugh, how about an egg-themed park? Seafood night market From street food to local sea souvenirs, there are a long road just next to the beach which cater to any taste that is all about sea food delocates, try the most yum and fresh seafood while youre in Nha Trang. Nha Trang Beach Soak up the sun, play in the sea or just lounge on the sun beds. You’ll find plenty to do at Nha Trang's Beach. Fishing tour and boat trip Nha Trang is big, interesting and there are plenty of things to do, a very nice day trip that can be arranged could be fishing tour and the snorkeling off the main island. SEE FISHING TOUR NHA TRANG SEE SNORKELING TOUR NHA TRANG About the Author, HAMID REZA Hamid has been traveling through Asia since he was just graduated from the university. His first overseas trip was to middle-east, and since then he has made it his life’s ambition to visit all the world. He is also a heavy consumer of pop culture, and his conversations usually revolve around cultural novels, movies or music. Hamid currently organize tours to Vietnam
Conheça os Principais pontos turísticos do estado Ceará
O Ceará é um estado do nordeste que possui belezas naturais únicas. Grande parte delas localizadas na faixa litorânea, responsável por atrair milhares de turistas ao longo do ano, conquistando o coração de todos que tocam os seus pés na areia fofa e branquinha das suas praias. Entre os principais pontos turísticos do Ceará, você pode encontrar matas, dunas, praias e muito mais. Cada uma delas com um aspecto especial que sem dúvidas irá despertar o desejo de retornar ao estado. Você já se imaginou em uma praia com cenário de novela? Ou mesmo assistir ao pôr do sol através de uma pedra furada? E que tal o passeio em dunas que se transformam ao longo do dia? Todos esses locais e cenários podem ser encontrados no Ceará. E é por isso que criamos o texto abaixo. Nele, separamos os principais pontos turísticos do Ceará, para você poder visitá-los na próxima vez que for ao estado. Portanto, se já marcou a próxima viagem ao Ceará ou pretende fazê-la em breve, continue a leitura do texto e descubra tudo que esse estado maravilhoso tem a oferecer. Canoa Quebrada A Praia da Cona Quebrada é imperdível. Ela fica localizada no município de Aracatí, a 182 km de Fortaleza. É um lugar que se você for uma vez, sempre vai querer voltar! Tanto que já foi um paraíso hippie e uma das praias favoritas de cineastas famosos. Hoje, aberto a todas as pessoas e bolsos, atrai turistas de todo o mundo com sua natureza tranquila e intocada, falésias coloridas, praias e mar de cor esmeralda, pontilhado de jangadas. Em Canoa Quebrada, você pode cruzar o mar de jangada, mergulho e parapente. Ou simplesmente relaxe na deslumbrante praia cercada por falésias vermelhas. Uma dica para a noite é ir ao local mais badalado da região, o coração da famosa vila de pescadores, conhecida como Broadway do Nordeste, para saborear a comida local e relaxar ao som do reggae e do forró. Suas águas mornas e claras fazem você sonhar e acreditar que o paraíso está ali, fato que os turistas sempre comemoram. Passeio da Pedra Furada A Pedra Furada é um passeio muito requisitado pelos turistas que visitam o Ceará. Trata-se de um fenômeno da natureza em que as ondas do mar esculpiram uma pedra, deixando um buraco no seu centro. Esse buraco permite a visão do pôr do sol, que fica exatamente no ponto em que ela é furada. Isso faz com que o local se torne uma verdadeira obra de arte, principalmente nos meses que compreendem de junho a agosto. Nessa época, o sol se põe exatamente no meio da pedra, proporcionando uma visão do paraíso. No entanto, também é possível fazer a visitação do local em outras épocas do ano. A pedra fica localizada no Parque Nacional de Jericoacoara, situada a 4 km de distância da famosa Vila de Jeri. Você pode chegar ao local utilizando os passeios de Buggy ou fazendo uma caminhada que se inicia na Praia da Malhada e vai até a Pedra Furada. É recomendado fazer a trilha pela manhã, no momento em que a maré está baixa. Lagoa do Paraíso – Jijoca de Jericoacoara Um dos melhores lugares para relaxar e esquecer tudo ao seu redor é sem dúvidas a Lagoa do Paraíso, localizada em Jericoacoara. Lá, é possível ter uma visão panorâmica de um dos picos mais bonitos do nordeste, aproveitando tudo isso em uma das redes que foram instaladas na lagoa. Além do mais, se você é adepto dos esportes aquáticos, saiba que existem opções como windsurf e kitesurf disponíveis no local. A lagoa está localizada a 23 km de distância da famosa vila de Jericoacoara. É um local ideal para você que está buscando paz e sossego. Na lagoa, a sensação é de conexão com a natureza ao redor, se desconectando do mundo e dos problemas. Nela, você pode contemplar o mar azul e o verde das matas que circundam o local. Possui águas cristalinas e mornas, que tornam o local excelente para banho. Praia do Futuro A Praia do Futuro é parada obrigatória para qualquer pessoa que esteja visitando Fortaleza. Ela fica localizada há cerca de 10 km de distância da capital, com mais de 30 km de extensão. Se você está buscando tranquilidade, talvez o ideal seja procurar pelas opções citadas anteriormente. Isso porque a Praia do Futuro é bastante agitada e conta com um grande número de turistas, advindos de vários países. Ela oferece uma excelente infraestrutura, com quiosques e barracas prontas para servir todos os turistas. Além do mais, quem curte um bom drink, os bares são um convite à parte para aqueles que querem aproveitar a vista da orla enquanto degustam um drink caprichado. Se você está fazendo uma viagem em família, saiba que é possível encontrar opções de lazer interessantes, como playgrounds, toboágua e até mesmo piscinas naturais. Praia de Morro Branco Esta praia é considerada um dos principais cartões postais do estado. Ela está localizada a 80 km da capital do Ceará e oferece um dos cenários mais deslumbrantes da região. O pôr do sol visto dos morros e falésias é um convite à parte. Os labirintos de areia vermelha chamam a atenção de qualquer pessoa que esteja visitando o local. Essa areia é bastante utilizada pelos moradores que produzem artesanato, utilizando a técnica conhecida como silicografia, que consiste na construção de paisagens em garrafas. Praia do Camocin Para completar a nossa lista, temos a famosa praia do Camocim. Ela está localizada às margens do Rio Coreaú. É bastante procurada pelos turistas no período de carnaval. Muitos a conhecem como Ilha do Amor, devido ao grande número de casais e famílias que procuram o lugar. Possui águas cristalinas, com mangues e dunas de tirar o fôlego. É visita obrigatória de quem está buscando um local para banho e ao mesmo tempo contemplar a areia branca e fina. Portanto, se você estiver de passagem pelo Ceará, não deixe de conhecer a Praia do Camocin e todas as suas belezas naturais. Artigo escrito pela equipe do Portal Brasil. O portal reúne tudo em um único lugar as últimas notícias sobre finanças, mercado financeiro, cotação do dólar, resultado da loteria dos sonhos, Lotomania, Mega Sena e muitos outros. Fonte: