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Summertime crappie can be hard to target, but you can appeal to them by using the right lures and presentations. * Trolling Crankbaits They're be suspending along dropoffs, so you'll do well if you slow-troll small crankbaits like the Bandit 100 and Bomber Model A. Target the deep ends of gravel flats, major points at tributary mouths, and creek-channel drops. Go slow--between 1.5 and 2.5 mph in an S pattern, moving between cover and open water to get the crappie while the feed and retreat. * Kentucky Rig (Image 2) Use nice, heavy mono leaders to keep two hooks from tangling. Lower straight down into heavy cover, and VERY slowly reel it up vertically. If you have a sonar, use this to place your presentation in a channel. Fish tend to suspend vertically in 80 degree waters, so you can often hook two crappies with this method. * Straight Jigging into Cover Sometimes, simple works. Straight jig a red/chartreuse and black/green with flake into the heaviest cover you can find. No scents or minnows. Fish straight off the bottom and don't bounce the jig. * Super long poles Summertime crappie get spooked more easily; use an extra long pole for fishing summer shallows to keep them from spooking. * Live bait Lures are appealing and cheaper, but using live minnows will get you 10x as many bites on hot, lazy, summer dies. The crappie become slow to bite, but live bait fish will get them moving.
The kentucky rig! man great idea. I forget about a straight jig like that to go down under the weeds; good idea @dougjohnson
@happyrock It definitely depends on the area; try stopping at a local bait shop near your fishing location and check with them. They can usually help you out and even recommend exact spots for catching live bait. @fallingwater It definitely makes a difference in keeping the lure from clunking along too much, but you can make up for that by using the other techniques instead.
Would using a super long pole help that much...? I'm not sure I could manage the length
Is it usually legal to catch your own live bait? I don't know where to find the rules on that for my area.