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Shark fishing is dangerous, thrilling business, especially when something like this happens. Watch as a bigger shark takes a 6' shark right off these boys' line. Definitely a shocking event, but the total disregard they have for the danger they're potentially in is unnerving. They should listen to their less-brave friend and high-tail it out of there, if you ask me.
@happyrock @fallingwater you're right to be cautiously fearful, its stupid to be so reckless. Remember that if you go shark fishing, ha.
I'm impressed that he kept filming even with all the screaming....I would have been doing more screaming, less filming, and more freaking out.
What. Idiots. Also I would be terrified and screaming louder than them.
@caricakes He should be shaking; while they don't always attack people they should be respected as dangerous. @dougjohnson They're lucky they have a next time
Oh man, even though this is so funny they are so, so, so stupid. Be a little more careful next time, boys.
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