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WOOT!!! latest Ep 18 of Bridal Mask out! Here's the translation of Ep 18 preview. Dont forget to check out the Bridal Mask page for more stuff! ( ======================================= Bridal Mask Episode 18 Shunji says "Where is Mokdan?! I told you I would hold onto my promise" Circus elder says "Are you really going to publicly execute Mokdans dad?" Shunji says "Where is Kangto? He didn't come? Kangto came out when Mokdan was still alive? I will catch Gaksital within 2 days. Mokdan says "How is it that Kangto, is the man behind the mask?" Kangto says "I must wear the mask for the pain of all the others" Mokdan says "I'll never let you do it by yourself" They KISS, AAHH!!!
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thank you so mush
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iiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhh.. (squealing like a school girl!!)... can't wait for tomorrow's ep... they kissed!! thanks luka for this preview, ..
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Thank you!! why i feel time is really slow? Cant wait to see it tomorrow..
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