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plastic bottles
@TammyPruitt @MasriDaniela has some great ideas and other things in her cards. We have been passing a few things across to eachother. She is really a Sweet Gal!(Yes ,I am!!) Good Luck in your searches!
Oh this is adorable! Love the idea. would make a really great gift
@MasriDaniela I am glsd... YEAHH!! I went to the door..i kept hearing chirps...I HAD MOM..DADS..BABIES OF ALL KINDS....Letting me know....HEY,GET IT DONE,WE HAVE NO TREATS,LOL! I Love Animals when u have spoiled them...They r like my Grandkids...GIVE ME,GIVE ME...LOL! CHIRPS AWAY TIL NEXT TIME. :)
@MasriDaniela We try to work on the things we love the most...Our Garden on the pourch is one we both work on.....LABOR OF LOVE! We like to c the hummingbirds and buttetflies,go gitty over the blooms :) and of course hummingbirds have to drink,so they get s bottle,lol...but the other birds know they r our babies too....I stand in my front door, after sitting outside and watching the sunrise and the blooms open and have the hummingbirds whisp around me with kisses,and watch all the differnt birds play on the pourch flipping...gliding...and of course chirping each other! I LOVE TO SEE AND HEAR THEM NOW....THEY ALL R BABIES LEARNING! I rambled on but," as vision caries a day." :)
àMasriDaiela this looks gourgous. Love trying different things. I will make some and use them through house as night lights. I have many different lights I have collected to use that way....But this can be a progect for me and my Fiance' to do together! Love It!
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