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Top 5 des meilleures dates de qualité à acheter

Nous avons donc parlé des bienfaits des dattes pour la santé dans notre article précédent et il est maintenant temps de découvrir les meilleures dattes de qualité disponibles. Nous allons passer en revue différentes qualités de dattes et quelques détails supplémentaires utiles sur les dates.

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Quelles sont les meilleures dates de qualité à manger?
Les dates ont besoin d'un climat chaud avec peu ou pas de pluie. Le Moyen-Orient a de loin les conditions climatiques les plus favorables pour la croissance des dattes, suivi de la Californie, de l'Arizona et de la Floride. Il existe plus de 1500 variétés de dattes cultivées dans le monde.

Dattes Medjool
L'une des dattes les plus populaires, grosses, molles et l'une des plus savoureuses parmi toutes les différentes variétés cultivées. Ils ont un goût excellent lorsqu'ils sont consommés frais en raison de leur teneur élevée en humidité. Les dattes Medjool se conservent 12 à 15 jours à température ambiante.
Les dattes Medjool ont été trouvées pour la première fois au Maroc, en Afrique du Nord, et ont été importées au Nevada, aux États-Unis, en 1927.
Les dattes Medjool ont été trouvées pour la première fois au Maroc, en Afrique du Nord, et ont été importées au Nevada, aux États-Unis, en 1927.

Dates d'Ajwa
Ces dates sont un cadeau de Dieu à l'humanité. La poudre de graines de dattes Ajwa est utilisée dans le traitement des problèmes de cholestérol et d'artères cardiaques bloquées.
La pâte prévient et guérit les maladies cardiaques. Les dattes Ajwa sont une variété de dattes douces et sèches d'Arabie Saoudite.

Dates de Kimia
Ces dates sont originaires d'Iran. La Chine a pris ces palmiers et les a cultivés à la fin du IXe siècle. Les dattes Kimia sont des dattes noires dodues qui ont une saveur fondante en bouche. La durée de conservation est d'environ 15 jours.

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Dattes omanaises
Comme son nom l'indique, ces dattes sont originaires d'Oman, au Moyen-Orient.Tous les amoureux des rendez-vous adorent les rendez-vous à Oman.Ce sont des dattes dodues, de grande taille, humides et utilisées dans de nombreuses recettes de cuisine et depâtisserie.Beaucoup de gens les utilisent dans les paniers cadeaux de fruits secs.

Les dattes ont de multiples avantages et aident à réduire le poids si elles sont consommées avec modération, sinon elles peuvent augmenter le poids en raison de leur teneur élevée en sucre. Manger environ 10 grammes de dattes vous apportera environ 23 calories et fibres.

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Le Brésil est connu pour ses plages, le foot et la samba. Mais s’il y a une chose dont les Brésiliens raffolent, ce sont les burgers. Pour cela, ils ont leur recette bien à eux. Découvrez alors les deux recettes de burger les plus courantes au Brésil le burger anglet .
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Top 10 Places to visit in Saudi Arabia
With so many breathtaking sights and vibrant cultures to discover in the Middle East, it's not surprising that "the whole world has gone to Saudi Arabia"—to use a popular expression. With the recent surge in family formation and greater kid safety, there are more opportunities than ever to create your own cultural experience. There are more tourist attractions than just historical places. As a consequence, here is a list of 10 locations worth seeing during your holiday! Saudi Arabia has one of the world's most culturally and linguistically varied populations. Consider the following 10 places to visit in Saudi Arabia if you're looking for something unique, yet nonetheless full of mystery and exotic beauty. The top ten tourist places to visit in Saudi Arabia are mentioned below: 1. Riyadh Riyadh is Saudi Arabia's capital and largest city, located in the country's central area. With its precise architecture, elegant hotels and airports, refreshing mountain breezes, and crescent beaches with pure blue water, the city is considered a global metropolis and is well-known across the globe. Riyadh has long been recognised as Saudi Arabia's intellectual center, and this reputation has persisted throughout history. The city is a significant centre for trade, the Islamic World. 2. Al Masmak Fort Al Masmak is a fort and religious meeting place in Riyadh that acts as a time capsule for the city's history. Even if you are a regular visitor, it is worthwhile to view the Al Masmak Fort. This renowned tourist attraction has unique architecture that is difficult to find elsewhere. Climb to the top storey and peek out the windows. The view is very stunning. The fort has a mosque in addition to a luxurious room known as the diwan, which is lavishly decorated and features a throne in the centre. 3. Jeddah Jeddah, Saudi Arabia's second-largest city, with vital international transportation, to level commercial industries, and economic hub for the area. It is the largest commercial city in eastern Arabia, as well as the region's transportation hub, with international airports and a number of long-distance railway stations. Apart from being home to some of the world's most spectacular mosques, the city has developed into a modern-day cosmopolitan hub, offering a varied range of activities like shopping, dining, resting in parks, exploring historical landmarks, and attending cultural events. This is the only modern city that is nearest to the Holy city of Makkah. International pilgrims land in the city of Jeddah for the Umrah tour 4. Jeddah's Floating Mosque Additionally, it is recommended to spend some time seeing Jeddah's city centre. Tourists often enjoy strolling around Jeddah's plethora of historical and cultural attractions. The floating mosque is one such remarkable and distinctive feature. Numerous visitors to this historic religious institution gravitate toward the domes because of their bright colours. It is meant to seem to float on the water, offering both a magnificent sea view and a spiritual refuge. 5. Dammam Dammam, located in Saudi Arabia's sixth-largest city, is an excellent site to begin your tour of the country. Visitors to the city's museums and shopping areas may immerse themselves in a microcosm of global culture. Dammam is one of Saudi Arabia's most popular tourist destinations, owing to its magnificent beaches, ports, charming islands, historical and cultural landmarks, and a few amusement parks, among other things. Recommended Links: Best Umrah Packages Hajj Packages Best Hajj Packages from India 6. Al Marjan Island Numerous travel experts regard Al Marjan Island as a must-see tourist destination due to its breathtaking natural beauty. This island, known for its towering cliffs and magnificent scenery, is surrounded by little sandy beaches that wrap around a coral shoreline. On Al Marjan Island, boating and fishing are permitted, and there is a huge playground for youngsters to keep them entertained throughout the day. 7. Madina Madina, one of Islam's holiest towns, is home to numerous significant historical landmarks, including the Prophet Mohammed's mosque, Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, which is still in use today. Medina is also home to numerous significant historical monuments, notably Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, the Prophet Mohammed's mosque, Masjid Quba, Masjid Qilatain. 8. Abah If you begin your journey in Abha, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in Saudi Arabian culture for a few days. When you're not in the midst of the desert, luxury spas and horseback riding are just a few of the activities offered in the city to help you relax. You can experience the hilly landscape from a height of 2270 m above sea level. 9. Asir National Park Asir National Park has a wide region of territory that is covered with stunning jagged mountains and woods, as well as heavy cliffs and gigantic rock formations that have been carved out of the ground since prehistoric times. Ostriches, wild camels, and antelopes may all be found in this arid mountain terrain, as well as a variety of other creatures. 10. Tabuk Tabuk is a renowned tourist destination near Saudi Arabia's Jordanian border. Pilgrims and religious pilgrims may visit Tabuk's immense wealth of diverse landscapes, antiquities, cities, and villages, as well as the city itself.