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I'm so sad....T__T
I hope it over soon ! cause i don't want too see any tears anymore.. what happen ! is something we can't change ,but we must move on ! I love T-ara and Hwayoung! but if fate put them like this, then? what can we do?? we can swear or talk bad about T-ara forever ! what happen ! just let it go ! now ! just see what can we do after this, thats all ... do you think T-ara want all this? do you think hwayoung also want this happen? of course not, ... THey want the best !! all of us want the best for our self right? if we make a mistake , then learn from take mistake, the BEST teacher in the world is EXPERIENCE ! nobody can't judge them/us ... read this quote "Before you judge my life, my past, or my character, walk in my shoes. Walk the path that I have traveled, live my sorrow, my losses, my doubts, my fears, my pain and my laughter, When you have lived my life, THEN you can judge me" we are human ! everyone making mistake everyday and every second! then, no need for us to hate someone that making mistake! ok ! ______SORY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH_______
@syedzahiruddin5 No.. Hwayoung didn't meet other members.. she only met CEO. Do you really believe that it's over?
:) nevermine, yes! I'm very happy it was over, now ! just let's T-ara and Hwayoung have a great time ! they are too young to give up now! I'm proud of them, T-ara never speak a word about this incident ! and Hwayoung also do a great job, hwayoung still young ! many Company want to grab her after this, hehe ... I hope they can come to Malaysia in T-ara First Showcase 2012 ! I already bought the ticket ! huhu :) _______SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH_________
@syedzahiruddin5 ok ..............=)
new !!!!!!!!!!!! take a look at Hwayoung's twitter! she already says she sorry ,wow! she's come to CCM , meet all the members and CEO,
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