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This is a fan account for one of EXO's fansign for Nature Republic (which they endorse)! While I was reading it, it made me go "Awww" a lot, so I decided to translate it and post it here. ENJOY ♥ -- Baekhyun I was in behind in the line, but he kept giving me eye contact and smiling...My friend really, really loves Baekhyun. So she asked me to tell him something. "Oppa, my friend really likes you~ Can you remember this school uniform? She'll wear this next time to see you" and then I showed him my uniform. Then he nodded and said okay and smiled, and really paid a lot of attention to the uniformㅜㅜ (Kyungsoo did tooㅋㅋ) D.O I had a lot to say to Kyungsoo, but I couldn't think of them! So I was saying a lot of gibberish but he kept replying, "Yes, okay!" and smilingㅜㅜ And seeing him in real life...his shoulders...Um... He's still continuing to work out right? Kai Everyone always says that Kai is really~ dark. But it seems that this was a sensitive topic for him so I started off "Oppa, dark..." and he laughed. Then I quickly finished, "... is really sexy, you know." He laughed at loud and kept signing. Jongin oppa was the reason I became a fan, so I told him, "Oppa, the reason I like EXO is because of you" and he lifted his head for the first time and said, "Haha really? ^^" Really ♥ Luhan Luhan was manlier and cooler than the image I had of him! In pictures he's really pretty, isn't he? But today his hair was up and when he came in wow...really... manly.. I said to Luhan "Oppa, you're really manly and cool." And for some reason Luhan and Minseok aren't close - I know that it might have been rude but...still. "I'm kind of sorry to say this but please make Minseok oppa eat a lotㅜㅜ" so as he was signing he got surprised and looked upㅋㅋ He said, "He really eats a lot!!!!" Does he really eat that much? ㅋㅋ Lay At first he only wrote "To.___" without any hearts. So I asked him, "What about the hearts??" and he replied, "Hearts? Of course I should draw hearts!" So he drew hearts all along the topㅋㅋㅋ Chen And...lastly...our fansign god... Jongdae!!! When he was signing, he looked straight at me! When he looked at me, "Oh? It's Sunday but you're wearing your school uniform?" So I said, "I wore it to show you ^^" "Hahaha, really~?" Yes, that's rightㅜㅜ I wore it for oppaㅜㅜ "Oppa, you have to remember this uniform, okay? I'll come back again next time~ Remember my name too" Then he looked at me with his eye smile and said my name....ㅜ --
@eunhaelin You're welcome~ =)
AWWW thank you so much for translating!! I wish I could go to their fansign :'(
@kpopandkimchi I knowww I love them all <3
Lay is seriously an angel on earth