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This recipe will hydrate and tone your skin and only calls for three ingredients! Ingredients: 2 tbsp mashed avocado 1 tsp yogurt 1/2 tsp blanched tea leaves (cut open a tea bag and use those!) - Mix avocado with green tea leaves, then add the yogurt - Apply to face avoiding the eye area, and leave for 15 minutes - Wash with lukewarm water You can use this mask once a week for moist, healthy skin :)
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@nokcha @kristenadams Green tea is awesome for calming your skin, especially if it is red and puffy. @sophiamor @Nisfit I'm glad you're enjoying these hahahaha
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I am really enjoying these yogurt based masks
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that looks really good!
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I like this mask I will try it since I live in a hot climate
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I've heard that green tea and avocado are good for your skin, but I haven't heard of using yogurt before! It is really good for your skin also?
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