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[ luǒhūn ] = naked marriage In recent years, as the costs associated with getting married have increased dramatically and weddings become more a display of wealth than love and commitment, more young people have warmed to the ideas of naked weddings. Naked weddings are quite simply weddings represented by no more than a marriage certificate. There is no ring, no dress, no ceremony, no honeymoon - and for many this is extends to no house or car, things which is normally considered prerequisites for marriage in China. While popular with younger generations as a representation of pure love in a materialistic world, many older generations disagree. They argue that these weddings are bad; particularly for women as there is no indication of investment which to some suggests lacking commitment. Example: "年轻人该不该裸婚也一度掀起了一场社会大辩论" ="whether young people should or shouldn’t do naked weddings became the society’s major subject of debate”
so romantic ~
While it's becoming increasingly popular, I don't think it'll ever be really popular.... on a side note, I loved that movie that the photo came from~