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RichPeopleThings have embarked on a project to create cork surfboards using completely natural wine corks. Cork is a bit more forgiving than poly, and absorbs vibration easily. It can bend to the contour of the deck, and with the flex of the board. The board isn't as dependent on wax, some people don't ever wax theirs! The first few rides might be a little slippery, but then you'll find that your feet sinking in without any help. Some people add wax every once in a while just near their front foot, but if you forget your wax it won't be a session killer. These boards are about $100 more than the average poly board, so I don't think I'll be riding one of these any time soon.
@caricakes everyone says its a smoother ride, but I'll never know for sure until I ride one myself
I've never seen a fully cork board before, I'd be interested to hear the difference in the ride