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Today we'll look at how to talk about occupations in Chinese. The word for occupation in Chinese is 职业, pronounced zhíyè. However, as in English, when talking about your work or when asking somebody what they do, the question structure is a little different. Rather than asking somebody what their occupation is, you're more likely to ask them what they do. 你做什么工作 ? lit. What work do you do? 你 nǐ : you 做 zuò : to do 什么 shén me : what, what kind 工作 gōng zuò­ : work Obviously, there are numerous answers to this question. Here are some of the main occupations (if your occupation is not listed here and you'd like to know what it is, just let me know) List of Occupations 老师 lǎoshī teacher 工人 gōngrén worker 厨师 chúshī cook or chef 翻译者­ fānyìzhě interpreter 售票员 shòupiàoyuán ticket seller 警察 jǐngchá police officer 公司职员 gōngsīzhíyuán­ office worker 音乐家 yīnyuèjiā musician 作者 zuózhě writer 画家 huàjiā painter 演员 yǎnyuán actor 护士 hùshi nurse