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Another modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Vanity and Vexation by Kate Fenton, is a decently worthy read. I know that doesn't sound like much of a sell but I don't want to give it too much credit. This book was first released in the UK under the title "Lions and Liquorice" but was renamed for US publication, and I definitely think the US title suites the book for what it is much more. The most appealing part of this book, wait for it, is the way they spin the characters: Darcy's counterpart is a girl, Lizzie's counterpart is a boy. Shocked? I was surprised when I started to realize that they had made this change, but it made for a refreshing, while still familiar, story. Jane and Bingley switch genders as well, and we're left with the following: Lizzy Bennet’s alter-ego is Nicolas Llewellyn Bevan, a suspense/thriller author and part-time journalist, who lives and writes in North Yorkshire. His Mr. Darcy is Mary Dance, the director of a Pride and Prejudice production which has taken over his town. Nicolas’ neighbor John is a blond-haired, blue eyed, boyscout who is the Jane equivalent, and the star of the production, actress Candia Bingham. The romance of the two main charaters doesn't quite live up to the original, but this moody, genuinely British revamp of the original work is worth reading. If you can get over the weird style change in Chapter 12, you'll make it through. Additionally, it's pretty fun trying to ID the other characters, such as Lydia and Mr/Mrs. Bennet!
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This seems like a great adaptation - I'm going to give this one a try before my wife can get to it.