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I am a huge fan of street art, and these examples of stair art are gorgeous! I like to take city walks to find murals and art like this, especially in San Francisco, and I'd love to travel the whole world to see these! Which is your favorite? 1. Rose steps in Tehran, Iran 2. Fish steps, Seoul, South Korea 3. Piano steps in Valparaiso, Chile 4. Rainbow Steps in Beirut, Lebanon 5. Pink steps in Capri 6. 16 Avenue Tiled Steps in San Francisco 7. Floral steps in Sicily, Italy 8. Stairs of Peace in Syria
I think if more cities were like this, it would be totally Awesomeness, instead of people Tagging on the streets Violently
This is all it will take to entice me to take an extra set of stairs!
I'll have to go see the tiled one next time I'm in the bay area!
I've always wanted to visit Lebanon, it looks so beautiful!
This is beautiful, I love when artists make a city their own
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