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Here are some of the craziest crashes to come out of mountain biking in the last few years. Crashing is just part of sport when it comes to mountain biking this huge.
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This is an awesome video as long as you don't think about how much these guys must have wrecked themseves
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I had to stop watching halfway through, I could practically hear the bones snapping...
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I literally cannot watch videos like this: it makes me flinch in agony!
4 years ago·Reply
@caricakes @hikaymm Most of them are good at crashing, as weird as that sounds. They know how to reduce the impact so they can walk away with scratches, at most maybe a minor break
4 years ago·Reply
ouch, ahhh, ooo, ugh, ouch, eeww, oohhh, eck, ooo, ouch. was all i could think watching this, lol, props to these badasses for taking a spill and getting back up.
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