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I have always been told that laughter is the best medicine. Turns out, quite a few medical researchers are behind me on this! Studies have shown that laughter can do much more than put an extra spring in your step. Our entire bodies change when we are laughing. Our muscles in our face and body stretch and our pulse begins to beat faster. Blood pressure and oxygen intake increase, making our energy increase as well. Laughing fits can resemble a sort of workout, with our muscles burning and our blood pumping harder. A passionate researcher of laughter, William Fry, found that it took nearly ten minutes on a rowing machine for his heart rate to approach the level it would have after just one minute of some good, hearty laughter. Like exercise, laughter can trigger the releases of endorphins throughout our body. These endorphins are what creates that feeling of elation after a good run or bike ride. This overall sense of happiness has even been known to relieve pain. With the help of these endorphins, your stress levels are decreased dramatically. This not only helps you feel a general sense of ease, but your immune system is also less likely to experience any illnesses. Stress weakens the immune system, which is why people so often get colds while preparing for final exams, presentations, or large social events. If you make it a point to literally laugh your worries away, your body will thank you. This good feeling that laughter brings you doesn’t go away once you stop laughing. Good humor helps you keep a positive, optimistic view of the world throughout your day and will help you overcome hardships or setbacks with a much brighter mindset. With only a little research put into the study of laughter, don't know for sure what the total effect of laughter is, but it certainly isn't hurting.
The best laughing fits are the ones that leave your stomach aching hahhaha
@ryantadman I totally agree!
Laughter and positive thinking can transform your life!
Laughing wrinkles are the prettiest wrinkles :)
I'd much rather laugh with my friends than go to the gym!
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