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Drug: Sleep Aids Mechanism: Anti-histamines are the same kinds of medicines used to counteract allergic reactions or inflammations; another effect they have is to cause drowsiness. Melatonin helps regulate a change in sleep cycle (such as adjusting jet-lag or when taking a night shift), but are not as effective for insomnia (chronic inability to sleep). Medicines: Kirkland Signature Sleep Aids (Doxylamine Succinate): Difficult to develop a tolerance to this drug, so it's more safe than other possibly addictive sleeping pills. Very strong effect, so do not use if planning to sleep less than 7 hours (grogginess). Unisom (Diphenhydramine hydrochloride): Not as strong as Kirkland, and it is slightly easier to build a tolerance to this drug. Do NOT increase your dosage without talking to a doctor; if a tolerance builds, consider switching to another type of sleep aid. If new to sleep aids, it is recommended to start with a lighter one like Unisom's. Mel-O-Chew/Source Naturals (melatonin): Not useful for insomnia, but can be used to adjust sleep cycles. It tells your body when to sleep and when to wake up. Vitafusion Sleepwell (melatonin/herbals): Like melatonin, but has been used for insomnia-like sleep issues to success. Dosage may be easily adjusted by cutting up the gummies to adjust for children.