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David Greenbaum, CEO and co-founder of Boost Media, responded to Jon Evans at TechCrunch who predicts that computers will take over human jobs in the future. Greenbaum argues against Evans' theory saying there will be a bigger need for "middle work" therefore a new level of work will open up in the next decades. Greenbaum goes on to explain that while computers are getting smarter and faster each day, they will be unable to do tasks that require creativity, empathy, or social context. One example is if a non-English speaker would like to know if an idiom or slang is applicable to the community where they are located. There are certain tasks that computers will never be able to do (at least I hope), therefore there will be work for people who are knowledgeable in specific areas while using high-tech systems. What do you think? Do you agree with John Evans that computers will be taking all our jobs, or do you agree with Greenbaum that this "Middle Work" will bring more job opportunities as technology advances? I think of the self-checkout lanes in the grocery store. Although I do prefer to self-checkout when I have few items, I can't imagine walking into a grocery store with only self-checkout lanes. Human interaction would decrease and, frankly, I think the world would feel more lonely.
I really don't think they can totally take all of our jobs--someone still has to control the creativity aspect, and repairs!!
Even though computers are becoming capable of a sort of creativity, it's only in a very planned way; even with more computers I don't think they can replace all our jobs
I've honestly always been scared of computers getting "too smart," but I agree that they will never be able to have that human creativity. I think we're safe (for the most part...)