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Lastly, I just wanted to introduce a few different types of minnows commonly used a bait fish in Great Lakes regions. *Alewife Scientific Name: Alosa pseudoharengus Common Name: Alewife Color: Silvery-Green Markings: Characteristic black spot located behind the eye. Scales that line up in a row along the belly give it a sawtooth appearance. Length: 6-7 inches *Bluntnose Minnow Scientific Name: Pimephales notatus Common Name: Bluntnose Minnows Color: Olive green on back, silvery on bottom Markings: Black horizontal stripe on side and black spot on tail. Length: 2-3 inches *Creek Chub Scientific Name: Semotilus atromaculatas Common Name: Creek Chub Color: Purple and bronze sheen on sides Markings: Dark spot at the base of the dorsal (back) fin. Tubercles on head and snout. Length: 6-12 inches *Emerald Shiner Scientific Name: Notropis atherinoides Common Name: Blues Color: Silver with green iridescence. Markings: Very short snout and large eyes. Length: 3-4 inches *Fathead Minnow Scientific Name: Pimephales promelas Common Name: Rosey-reds (color variation) Color: Olive-gray. Markings: White on belly, diffuse dark blotch on dorsal fin, head is almost black on males during breeding. Length: 2-3 inches *Golden Shiner Scientific Name: Notemigonus crysoleucas Common Name: Golden Shiner Color: Adults are gold or brassy with red fins. Markings: A lateral line runs along their sides and dips down in the middle of their body. Length: 5-7 inches *Sand Shiner Scientific Name: Notropis stramineus Common Name: Sand Shiner Color: Back, light olive, sides are silvery, underside is white. Markings: Large eyes. Lateral line bordered by small dots. Body scales bordered by black gives a cross-hatched appearance. Length: 2-3 inches *Spottail Shiner Scientific Name: Notropis hudsonius Common Name: Greys Color: Silver sides with greenish blue back Markings: Prominent dark spot on their tails. Length: 3-4 inches