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Prompt: Try and remember one of those nights when you and someone stayed up all night, too busy telling stories and enjoying each other's company to sleep. Write a scene that encapsulates the feeling, whether it's set during a summer camping trip with a best friend, catching up with a cousin during a family reunion, or just an average weeknight spent staying up past your bedtime with your siblings or parents. Suggested time: 5 minutes Write your exercise in the comments; let's keep writing together!
I'll never forget the sleepover where I never actually slept over. With winds billowing, and me questioning if a storm was coming, I wouldn't believe that I was safe. "I want to go home Mrs. Varadi. I want to go home Mrs. Varadi. Call my mom Mrs. Varadi." No matter how many times she told me it was just wind, not a storm, I didn't believe her--not even after piling my things into my mom's van, or curling up on her bed that night. I just wanted to be at home, talking softly with my mom, in case a storm ever came.
Hopefully! I really hope this friendship will last forever...:)
@moya23 Very interesting piece Moya! Thank you for sharing. I can feel your transition from a younger child into an adult, and the difficulties that can come with it. Even though you cannot gather these same friends again, you can try to create the same environment in dinner meetings, late night cookouts, or something more. And someday, like your mom, you can have a house full of people, and you'll love it! Beautiful writing.
I'm kind of person who loves to have a relationship with quality rather than quantity. I'm not really good in making new relationship,but once I find someone that "click" with me I guarantee that she or he will have my best of me. Since I was in elementary school I knew what best friend was. We did sleepover in each other's house. My parents were always welcome. This activity still happened until I entered college and happened more often. And the "discussion" were more interesting,qualified,alive,joyful,and varried. Not only one,but some of my girlfriends joined to sleepover in my house. I remember the remarkable Christmas eve more than 7 years ago(if Im not mistaken it was our last years in college) my girlfriends including the boys came to my house. We baked cakes,cooked food,and watched TV. Had fun together,laughed together, and made jokes. Not only did I enjoy it,but also my mom did enjoy it. She loved when her house full of persons. We did it until late at night. With my mom's permission my best boyfriends were allowed to sleepover,but in the living room... lol. Girl was always girl we kept tellin stories and gossiping in my room. Talking about boys, fashion,and...our dream. Time goes by, some of my girlfriends got married ,some moved to another town, in which it is impossible to do that activity again. If only I had Doraemon, I'd ask him to bring me there.