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Prompt: Think about the roads that are important to you and your family—the ones on which you have lived, the ones that have taken you away, the ones that are etched permanently in your memory. Is there a street corner somewhere that should be named after your mother, your brother, or you? What makes it special? It could be the road on which you learned to drive, the one you swear you could drive with your eyes shut, or perhaps the one on which something happened that changed the course of your life. Suggested time: 5 to 10 minutes. Write you exercise in the comments; I'll add mine too. Let's keep writing together.
I grew up on a street called "Strawberry Lane," and I was never okay with it because I couldn't stop thinking..."Why on earth would someone name a street Strawberry Lane if there aren't any strawberries?" We didn't grow any fruit or vegetables at our home back then, and it infuriated me that I lived in a place that felt not-quite true, simple because of a name.
Melrose Place isn't a street that can be easily forgotten. Any street that has once been covered in eggs, left in the heat after a summer block party, will live on in your memory. Even if the glass-infested gravely bits hurt our feet as we ran through in the summer, Melrose treated us well, and we can't forget her for that. I drove for the first time on Melrose, too, cautiously moving around the circle over and over again, until my dad told me to do the same thing in reverse, and I stopped the car suddenly, calling him insane. It was on Melrose, too, that I had my first kiss, my first breakup, and my first moments with you.