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Prompt: Write about a time you had to follow a recipe, whether it was familiar or foreign to you. What was the context? Did you patiently follow the steps or rush through the instructions? Did you improvise? How did the meal turn out? Suggested time: 5 to 10 minutes. Let's write together; leave your exercise in the comments below!
It's not an exact recipe, per say, but I usually like to start with whatever is in my fridge. After gathering the rice, the peppers, and the rest of my vegetables. I cut, cut, cut while my rice boils, boils, boils. A quick saute with a touch of soy sauce--oops, there's none--salt, paper, and some fish sauce to round it all out. Add the cabbage last and you're set for a nice stir fry, light on the stomach, and light on the wallet! (I have no idea what I'm writing -_-)
@timeturnerjones thanks for sharing, as always!
"In three minutes, you can have a perfectly cooked portion of mac 'n cheese, just try it!" Perfect or not, I don't care, mostly the fact that it can be cooked in a microwave, and in under 5 minutes, makes it the perfect study meal. Rip, fill, swirl, cook. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Open, pour, mix, swirl, Wait. Eat.
@Kimbler Even if you had no idea just what you were doing, it turned out well. I like that the freeness of making this dish for you shows through the style of your words. Well done! And thank you for sharing.