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Prompt: We all have scars. Though most do not conjure welcome memories, scars are an important part of our lives鈥攂oth physically and metaphorically. Scars reveal our vulnerability and human frailty, but also represent our resilience and toughness. Write about a scar you have, how you got it, and what it means to you. Suggested time: 5-7 minutes Let's write together; leave your exercise in the comments below! I'll leave mine, too.
@timeturnerjones @moya23 @DebankaChanda @orenshani7 Why don't we all try this one together? I'll go first! The biggest scar I have could have been avoided had I received it 30 years later, but instead, I'm left with this piece inside that cannot be undone. Falling off a bike at thirteen, I reached my arm out for the ground and skidded to a halt. The gravel road became part of my hand, and even after a thorough painful cleaning by my mother, a few pieces of the road never left me. Two little stones--a bit of gravel from the crash--healed into my hand: their faint forms showing through as blue to the surface of my skin. A memory, easily forgotten, instead easily remembered because of a shadow of a crash that lives in my hand forever more.
It's not everyday that you get to go on an adventure with your older brother: really, it's not. So when he leads you across a high bridge, a broken tree across a deep creek, you don't hesitate. Even when you feel the moss clinging between your toes, you follow behind him because he is (finally!) leading you to that secret hideout he doesn't want to share. Even when your feet begin to slide and you know that you're going to fall into the water, your first thought isn't filled with fear but disappointment, because you'll never get to see it now. You hit creek bottom, arm first, and come out with nothing more than a few bleeding scratches. These scratches will leave scars, but you beg to keep going because nothing would be a bigger scar than not being able to finish the journey you ached to complete for so long. He wipes off the blood, acquiesces, and reminds you: "You better tell mom you fell right before we came home, got it? I'm not getting in trouble for this."
the wound healed up nicely but the scar, along with the memories of what led up to it, still remain. I remember her coming home that night really angry and I was stupid enough to try hiding. she found me and kept hitting me. I didn't know how badly the bruises were going to come out or how long I'd have to hide them but I remember the feeling of release as I saw my blood dripping down my wrist from my own doing. I remember feeling the pain of everything get directed at the blade. now I see that it wasn't worth it because I still have the scar from the cut that was supposed to take my life and the scars from the memories that haunt my nightmares everynight. they're all constant reminders of who I was and constant reminders of who I don't want to be again.
@DebankaChanda Wow--what a reflection on the past. You're not the only one who feels a little too exposed; thank you for sharing with us! @moya23 Your description: he shouted at me in his way aka a scratch is wonderful! Sometimes, we cannot understand the actions of animals, but in a way, I'm glad you have not forgotten him. @timeturnerjones Lucky you are to have a brother willing to let you adventure, even if you have to bear the scars of that day! I really enjoyed the mature perspective, even though it was clear you were quite young at the time.
Every time I see my scar on my calf I smile. The hurt has gone, the color has faded into white, but the story behind it remains. I got it about 17 years ago when I was still in junior high school. I have cats and I love them so much. One day when I played with one of them, he was so cute and handsome (in my point of view... :D). I named him Aldo the dark grey cat. I don't know why but at that time I was so excited playing with him then I pinched him. Yeah it was to hard I think and then he shouted at me with his way and scratched my calf and it was bleeding. It was hurt, but I didn't get angry with him. The day after, he was gone. i don't know where and he never came back. The scars reminds me of him, Aldo my cat :(
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