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Creative Non-fiction Writing Prompt #14: Scar Tissue
Prompt: We all have scars. Though most do not conjure welcome memories, scars are an important part of our lives—both physically and metaphorically. Scars reveal our vulnerability and human frailty, but also represent our resilience and toughness. Write about a scar you have, how you got it, and what it means to you. Suggested time: 5-7 minutes Let's write together; leave your exercise in the comments below! I'll leave mine, too.
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the wound healed up nicely but the scar, along with the memories of what led up to it, still remain. I remember her coming home that night really angry and I was stupid enough to try hiding. she found me and kept hitting me. I didn't know how badly the bruises were going to come out or how long I'd have to hide them but I remember the feeling of release as I saw my blood dripping down my wrist from my own doing. I remember feeling the pain of everything get directed at the blade. now I see that it wasn't worth it because I still have the scar from the cut that was supposed to take my life and the scars from the memories that haunt my nightmares everynight. they're all constant reminders of who I was and constant reminders of who I don't want to be again.
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@tylyyy What an interesting piece....as greggr posted this aimed true stories, I think, I'm going to assume the etails to be true (I apologize if its a fictional work!). This is very real, very raw exploration of something that was done by someone who isn't the same person as the author anymore. Let's remember that it's always good to remember what we don't want to be anymore--you've been very strong!! :)
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@tylyyy Thank you for participating, and for being strong enough to share your story. You'll always be stronger than the past you, and for that, you can be proud!
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thank you both for your support
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@timeturnerjones - I liked this so much, I read it twice...then once again for good measure! 💜
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