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It is fascinating to see how consumption and marketing are so intricately intertwined with culture, gender and so many other structures in society. Businesses co-opts societal arrangements in their quest for profit. Of course, ads have always made claims that are not verified by science. But by linking the ad to what looks like an actual “scientific” study or to the findings from legitimate science, these ads go a step further. They should trouble those who agree that science is a good tool for getting accurate information about this plane of existence. Advertising, when paired or tied to social science, can be a powerful sales tool. Ads do not necessarily in share accurate information, though. These videos can be used in the classroom as examples of non-research or as a tool to give a visual example of the dynamics of gender in our society. Viewed in a social media context, though, people may encounter them and believe what they say. Without the mediating effect of discussion, reflection, and further reading, all of which are the hallmarks of higher education, people may not be able to tell what is accurate, high quality information and what is misleading. What other images or advertising have you seen that claims some measure of social science legitimacy?
@traveller @happyrock @flymetothemoon These commercials are all really powerful, but we have to wonder about their goals.
@traveller They've done it and won, I just hope that they don't think that this gives them the right to begin to distort that image.
@nehapatel that's a very valid point. I think they're quite obviously trying to win the upper hand morally - by creating a brand which embraces individuality and deviations from industry beauty standards, they create a brand which 'normal' people can feel comfortable with
Ahh I saw this a while ago and thought it was really powerful, still rings true!
I always loved commercials like this just for trying to do something different, but I do wonder if I shouldn't be a little suspicious that they're playing on me wanting to feel that way in order to sell their product.
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