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Over the next seven days, David Mitchell will be releasing a short story called "The Right Stuff" in tweets. In 280 tweets of 140 characters or less each, to be exact. The author of the popular "Cloud Atlas" has a book coming out soon, and the tweet story will be set in the same universe. The Right Stuff will be revealed in 20-tweet bursts, at 7am and 5pm daily for the next seven days. My favorite bit: The story is being narrated in the present tense by a boy tripping on his mother's Valium pills. He likes Valium because it reduces the bruising hurly-burly of the world into orderly, bite-sized 'pulses'. So the boy is essentially thinking and experiencing in Tweets."
@greggr It is definitely harder than people think; there's actually quite a lot of skill associated with doing this project for sure
What an interesting concept! I always have a hard time putting something into less words, rather than more, so I can't imagine that I would be very good at trying to publish some writing on Twitter.
@flymetothemoon the nice thing about twitter is that you dont have to be a member :) @kristenadams definitely a faster engaging read!
I've never read his work, but the movie Cloud Atlas was really cool. I feel like I can commit to a tweet-novel more than a thick paperback haha
Maybe I need to finally get a twitter account for this..
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