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Why is it that summer, the season of fun, sun, and laughter, is also associated with a certain kind of love - more specifically, a kind of love that isn't expected to last? We’ve all seen the movies in which a boy and a girl meet in the beginning of summer and are inseparable for the entire season. Of course, the vacation is over, school starts again, work takes the girl to another city, etc., and just like that the romance is over. Like summer, the love loses its spark as autumn begins. Why does summer love always have to be temporary? Summer love can be linked to a change in routine. Whether you’re in a new town on vacation, or you suddenly have no school work, your routine has been shaken up and you often develop a new persona. This is especially true if you are abroad or hanging out with people you normally don’t spend as much time with. This slight shift in identity can make it easier to fall in love, whether you’re feeling more outgoing or you are more willing to take chances. It seems like this particular type of romance thrives on outdoor fun, and when brought inside by school, work, and mundane daily life, it simply fizzles out. In other words, when carefree summer fun is over, many couples realize that this summer love was merely a summer fling. The toughest thing about summer flings is that the relationship will change when the couple has to return to the real world. It’s especially rough if the couple is not on the same page regarding the relationship. One might see it as a summer romance. The other might see it as the start of something tong-term. Most couples don’t address this inconsistency until the very last moment of summer fun. No two relationships are the same, so the outcome of a couple completely depends on the people, the time, and the place. However, if you're undecided, that might mean that you're open to the possibility of a relationship that survives the change of seasons. I would say the real question becomes, do you want to give it a chance?
I met my ex 2012 summer and we broke up 2013 fall... becuz she doesn't love me anymore.. so yeah.. maybe summer love doesn't last forever
Now I just have Summer Lovin' from Grease stuck in my head...
It's so true that you take on a new persona when you're in a new place. I never really thought about it before but I totally agree
I had to laugh at @sjeanyoon comment - me too!
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