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With the rise of gas prices, you want to make sure you are going to get the best prices in your area. With GasBuddy you are able to find the cheapest gas station near you or by postal code. Also, there is a point system, so if you report gas prices you are able to earn points and rewards...including a chance to win $100. Please note that this app is for US & Canada only. Download links: Apple App Store: Android Play Store: Windows Phone: Blackberry:
Ooh what a useful app! I love road trips, but as others have said even short trips add up and gas prices are just terrible. This is a great help for that!
This site has saved me many a dollar, on many a road trip. Thank you for letting me know there is an app as well!
I need this in my life, thanks for sharing!
@Sjeanyoon, smart idea! Costco has good gas prices...usually the lines are too long for me though or there isn't one nearby...this app is handy :)
This is awesome! Gas is getting ridiculous in California! I've been making my friend come along with my to Costco so I can use her discount card hahaah