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Weedbeds in summertime are a great place to find bass, but often, it's hard to get to the middle of these areas because of the heavy, heavy coverage the bass are hiding under. I've found plenty of bass in water less then a foot deep, but getting to these spots can be more than challenging if you're trying to head in with a trolling motor. Crossing 100 yards of heavy salad is no joke. Get a gusty trolling motor with a weed whacking prop to start helping you get through the vegetation; I like the Minn Kota Fortrex. Another trick to blazing a trail to the promised land is using an empty plastic bottle to hold the lower unit out of harm's way. In heavy weeds, I raise the trolling motor a foot or so out of the water and slide an empty 1-liter plastic bottle inside the mounting bracket, then lower the motor on top of the bottle. This keeps the lower unit up, so it can push the weeds down without them wrapping around it. Check out the video for further explanation!
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@happyrock @fallingwater ha, they should be thankful for your tips
clipping for my friend for her boat :)
I don't usually use my own boat but I'm gonna pass this to my cousin so that he can try it! I know we had aproblem or two last summer