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A month ago I hardly know anything about Kpop & stuff, but thanks to Rooftop Prince, YC really got me into JYJ, I really like your dance moves( all 3 ) and JJ's voice is just so extraordinary! JYJ is really special because u dare to break away from the norm, thanks for making a difference in the crazy world of Kpop .... And I really enjoy all these little video clips of JYJ like Coming Over.. I pray that all will turn out well, wishing you JYJ great success and favor. Be strong & fearless! All your fans are behind you! Wuv SH-a fan staying in both east & west! part of the world. yes I'm busy myself so I hope this card works out as this is so last minute .... JJ if u really love spicy food u should come to Singapore again there is many hot & lethal food that u will surely love!!
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