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Sometimes confusingly labelled ‘trousers’ so as to not confuse Joe Public, they can be distinguished by their hidden stitching along both the outseam and inseam, which ensures clean lines and an overall sharper fit. On the subject of fit, this style of chino traditionally features a higher ‘rise’, which means they are designed to be worn properly – i.e. round your waist where you would fasten your suit trousers. Other telltale characteristics are: constructed from higher quality or luxurious materials and are generally just finished to a better standard. Some may even come with an unfinished trouser leg and will need to be hemmed by a tailor. Arguably, these are the most versatile pair you could own. They can be worn with casual shirts, long sleeve polos and crew neck jumpers for a smart-casual look but work just as well with dress shirts, sports coats, ties and formal shoes. However, just like we avoided dressing up the first style too much, we are also going to want to avoid really casual pieces such as your battered Converse, old faded graphic t-shirts and the like. Find part 1 here: And part 2 here: