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So! Two weeks into this drama and I'm starting to feel a little better with the direction they're going in. It's been so long since the original aired that I can't remember if they're following the plot exactly, but so far I have no complaints regarding the that. In my last review, I said that Lee Gun was far too eccentric for my liking. I still think he is still a little too 4D, but the way he treats Miyoung when they're alone makes up for a lot of that. I feel like that is his real personality behind that crazy laugh of his. That being said, I'm pretty sure we're not going to be able to see that gentleness again any time soon because now he thinks Miyoung was in cahoots with her brother-in-law and President Park. Which... is understandable from his standpoint, but also ridiculous from hers (getting pregnant to save her island's factory). I already feel so bad for Miyoung because although she is welcomed by Gun's grandmother and maybe Gun's secretary, the one person she wants to be welcomed by thinks she's a scammer. It really broke my heart for her to look so happy when she walked down the aisle. It's the first time she's in the center of attention, where people are doing things to celebrate her. But then her face falls when she notices the ring Gun gives her...is the same one he was going to propose to Sera with. At that point she physically sees how much he has to give up in order to be responsible for their child. There hasn't been much screen time for second leads yet, so I can't say much about them. I do know that I'm going to like Daniel (Choi Jinhyuk) a lot more than Dylan (Baron Chen) though ;) I know I'll be crying out of frustration for their misunderstanding, but what else is new for dramas, lol. What do you guys think about this drama so far?
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I actually really enjoy watching Lee Gun being all crazy loll it's a good break from all these serious and moody male leads. I especially love his laugh haha. But I agree with what you said about how gentle he is with Miyoung. Gah it's gonna be a rocky road for this drama ><