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Guo Meimei a.k.a China's rich show-off girl, the girl everyone loves to hate strikes again. This time she has been arrested by Beijing Police for sports gambling after accruing debts in excess of 260 million yuan. Guo Meimei rose to infamy in 2011 as a 20 year old girl who suddenly went from rags to riches -the controversy? On her Weibo account, she listed her occupation as “Business General Manager for the Red Cross Society". Netizens concluded it was all paid for by the Red Cross and funded by public donations. Netizens later became rather sceptic of her wealth and its origins (especially after it became clear that she had faked her title and had never worked for or been associated with the Red Cross) but the 'damage' was already done and Guo Meimei had been cemented in the public eye. She smartly (?) capitalised on that, found herself a number of patrons and started living the high life she seemingly craved so badly. Over the past few years, she has developed a habit of going to Macau and gambling ridiculously large sums of money, losing most of it and running up substantial amounts of debt which have already landed her on the Hong Kong debt collections website once. According to to @Beijing Police, Guo Meimei has openly confessed to illegal gambling. At present, the case is still under ongoing investigation.
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oh what a surprise =_=