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This move is incredibly easy, and you can do this whenever you are seated. This is a necessary move for an active lifestyle. It prevents shin splints, and targets the front of your calves which are so often forgotten. If you want to get really technical, it strengthens the tibialis muscle which runs along the side of your shin bone. Try this right now! It really only takes twenty seconds! 1. Sit up straight and relaxed in a chair with knees bent at a 90 degree angle, and with your feet flat on the floor. 2. Keep your right heel on the ground, and gently raise the toes of your right foot. 3. Lift it back toward your shin as far as you can, and then lower it back to the ground. 4. Repeat around 10 time, then switch feet.
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I always did this before tennis when I was on a team and I never had a shin splint!