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For those blessed with a sweet tooth, there are plenty of dessert options to choose from in the capital city. From local establishments offering authentic Indonesian dishes to international franchises offering unique flavors, here are three places to try in Jakarta. SumoBoo New to the scene, SumoBoo recently opened for business at the Rukan Crown Golf Mediterania in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. The eatery offers versatile deserts that cater to the whole family. The idea of opening the eatery came when the owner decided to create a dessert house for the ramen restaurant, Ikkudo Ichi, which is located just a few meters down the road. Unlike most Taiwanese-style dessert houses in Jakarta, SumoBoo goes lighter on the sugar, using ice, jelly, grass jelly and syrup to flavor for sweetness. Its signature includes Boo!! Kakigori, which comes in the shape of a dog head with strawberry slices for ears, ice cream for a face and chocolate for eyes and a nose. Offered in a variety of flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, matcha, ogura and black sesame, Boo!! Kakigori is popular among children. Another popular dessert is the SumoBoo Kakigori, which is basically a combination of red bean, green tea ice cream, big boba, mocha, egg pudding, sliced almond, taro and nata de coco. Desserts at SumoBoo start from Rp 23,000. If you are hungry, you can also try the establishment's snack menu, which includes Tori popcorn, Nutella bun and Buta Naked ramen, all priced around Rp 23,000. BlackBall Opened in January 2013 at Central Park mall in West Jakarta, BlackBall desserts draw inspiration from Taiwan. In fact, the company started in Taiwan in 2006, and it is presently one of the largest dessert chains in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. To begin your experience at BlackBall, you can try the best-seller, the BlackBall Signature, which comes with green tea ice cream, grass jelly ice, grass jelly, taro and sweet potato balls, pearls, red beans and green tea ice cream on top. While many other dessert restaurants offer only ice and cold desserts, BlackBall also provides hot ones such as Hot BlackBall Delight and almond soup. All desserts at BlackBall start at Rp 35,000. The eatery also offers other menus, such as QQ cakes, which start at Rp 18,000 and BlackBall drinks that start at Rp 18,000. Es Teler 77 Es Teler 77 is a popular restaurant in Indonesia that sells authentic Indonesian food; including dessert. In fact, it is one of the oldest es teler eateries in the country, which is basically a mix of jackfruit, avocado, coconut, crushed ice and condensed milk. Founder Murniati Widjaja decided to start the business after winning an es teler competition in Jakarta in 1981. Back then, Es Teler 77 was just a humble stall on the terrace of the Duta Merlin shopping center in Central Jakarta. However, due to Murniati’s strategy of following the trend and making improvements, Es Teler 77 has transformed itself into an international chain that can be found in shopping mall food courts throughout Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Es Teler 77’s signature es teler dessert is priced at Rp 19,000 (US$1.64), but you can also try Indonesian snacks such as otak-otak (steamed fish cake), siomay (dumpling), es cendol (a drink made from rice flour served with coconut milk, palm sugar and ice) and toasted bread, which are offered at similar prices.