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What should you say before giving a self introduction? Or before introducing someone else? Today we're going to look at giving introductions. The word for introduction in Chinese is 介绍 pronounced jièshào. The standard thing to say prior to giving a self introduction is: 我来介绍一下自己。 wǒ lái jiè shào yī xià zì jǐ 。 Please allow me to introduce my self. (Other alternatives do exist but this is probably one of the most straightforward, more formal versions so it's a good one to learn.) When introducing someone else, the order is slightly changed and is followed by an introduction of the person in question. 我来给你介绍一下。 这位是大卫。 wǒ lái gěi nǐ jiè shào yī xià 。 zhè wèi shì dà wèi 。 Let me introduce David to you. (Lit. I'm going to give you an introduction. This person is David).
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