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The tensor fasciae late (TFL) is located in the thigh, and has a large roll in hip rotation. The Quadruped Bent Knee Hip Extension will not only work on your hip stability, but will kill your glutes! This move will lift your butt and target your back upper thighs. 1. Start out on your knees with your hands on the ground. 2. Lift your left leg up towards the ceiling at a 45 degree angle. 3. Pulse three times then lower slowly back to starting position.
I like to add 5 to 8lbs weights when doing this and I love it!
Ah the dreaded Brazilian Butt workout @flymetothemoon give it a go! you'll be sore but its fun!
@flymetothemoon definitely try the brazilian butt workout :)
I used to do these in my dorm room for a break from studying. I love this move!
I do these in pilates sometimes and my butt muscles ache afterwards haha
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