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The inner thigh is not a woman's best friend. This is what causes your legs to look significantly bigger when you sit down, or worse - jiggle when you walk! These muscles are hard to target, but with the right moves, like the Side Lying Leg Lift, you can hit these muscles in no time! 1. Lay down on your side with your feet stacked. 2. Bring your top leg up so that your foot is in front of the bottom leg's knee. 3. Left your bottom leg up a few inches, and pulse. 4. Make sure your foot is flexed.
it helps if you concentrate on lifting your heel to the ceiling. I tried leading with my pointed toe and my leg wouldnt move as easily @sjeanyoon
I get frustrated with this move a lot because I have very weak hips. This movement is actually really difficult for me, but the inner thigh is the part of my body I want to work out the most!