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An improved Perfection Loop with a hook added in. This knot works well for very heavy line, and has proven effective. Note that the hook actually hangs from a non-slip loop. This is a benefit when using live bait as the free swing hook allows for a more natural bait behavior. Since this is used for very heavy line, make sure to secure the hook and pull the line incredibly tightly to set the knot after tying. This is often used for salt water fishing, but can be applied in freshwater fishing as well. How to: #1. Form a four-inch loop in the end of the line and pinch it between your thumb and forefinger, leaving a foot-long tag end. Slide the hook to the loop base. #2. Draw the tag across the front of the first loop, forming a second, smaller loop. Pass the tag behind the main line. #3. Repeat Step 2. This time form a third medium-size loop. Move the hook to the top of the smallest loop and pass it between the medium and large loop. Use pliers to pull the hook and snug the knot.
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could I try this for catfish? @mcgraffy