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It was reported earlier this year that Google is working on Google Contacts, a product that will hopefully monitor your blood sugar levels from your tears. The product is in early stages, but the concept has been around since 2011, when electrical engineering faculty at the University of Washington did research with Microsoft. The goal of these contact lenses would be for patients to have a non-invasive way of monitoring their glucose levels so that they do not have to continue pricking themselves. Some features aside from monitoring blood are possible LED lights to alert the patient of high or low blood levels.Overall, this product is a big step forward for research done in Diabetes Technology. My biggest concern would be the price of these lenses and how accessible they will be.
that's just too cool!
this is too cool... biomedical engineering is awesome :D
@techatheart, this is awesome! I shared an article with my students a few months ago about Google Glass, and it mentioned in 3-5 years we'll see more wearable medical technology. I mentioned what a pain-literally-it must be to test your blood sugar, and that maybe someone would come up with a device you could imbed in a tooth. Contacts would be much easier! Thanks for sharing.
@flymetothemoon I know, it is so crazy to see how technology is advancing. At least this can be beneficial to patients. I just hope they don't take over the world :O
Google is getting too crazy for me. Their inventions are awesome but I feel like we won't be able to cope without them!