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Used first by sport fisherman chasing huge tuna to tie heavy jigs, it's a perfect knot for mono, fluorocarbon and braided lines. This knot is fast and easy to tie. Make sure the knot is fully set by hooking the lure or jig to a fixed object and pulling hard. Use this knot or the Palomar when fishing with braided line. How to: #1. Pass end of line through eye of hook or lure. Let a heavy lure hang down or pinch hook between little finger and palm. #2. Loop tag end over index finger and make 7 wraps around the double line down to the eye. #3. Feed tag end between double lines below last wrap and bring back to loop made by index finger. Run through loop and remove finger. #4. Moisten lines and pull tag end tight. Slide knot tight to lure and clip tag end close.