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1. Foodeducate This app helps regulate your diet, health, and excercise, which are all important for Diabetics. This app gives you nutritional information of food so you can know which ones are high in fat, carbs, cholesterol, sugar, etc. It even has a scanning feature where you can scan barcodes to get information about food. The app is free, but there are certain features where you need to pay. iPhone: | Android: 2. Glooko Glooko is an app that helps monitor your glucose levels by syncing the data from your blood glucose meter. This app analyzes your data and creates visuals to better understands the patterns in your glucose levels. The app is free, but you have to buy the cable. iPhone: | Android: 3. Diabetic Audio Recipes Lite This app is a library filled with diabetic-friendly recipes. Great for those wishing to eat healthier and changing their lifestyle. Android: 4. Diabetic Connect This app allows people with diabetes to connect with other people who have diabetes and share their stories and advice. App is free. iPhone: | Android: 5. Glucose Buddy Another glucose monitoring app, the only difference is you have to log in all of your stats yourself. However, it does have reminders so that you can be using your glucose meters at the right times throughout the day. iPhone: | Android: 6. Diabetes App Another health tracker that can help you monitor sugar and fat contents of foods you are eating. Includes a calendar feature as well. Only on itunes iPhone: 7. OnTrack Diabetes Another great tracking device where you can log in your date. I like the interface design on this one. Android: 8. A diabetes manager that focuses on personalizing specifically to you. Also helps monitor stats and health/exercise. App is free. iPhone: | Android: 9. Glucool Diabetes A diabetes management app that will help you organize all of your logged data so that your next visit to the doctor will be more efficient. It costs $4.99 on the Android Play Store Android: 10. Diabetes Pilot This app lets you scan items to check nutritional info and can help predict how much insulin to take based on your meals. On the pricey side at $11.99 on the iTunes market iPhone: 11. WaveSense Diabetes Manager Another iPhone app that helps manage your stats. This one is free on iTunes. iPhone: - (Source: