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Keeps the hook ready for a straight set when setting the hook. This is the easiest of the methods for setting up a snell knot. All 3 Snell knots are great go-to knots, so learn at least one of them. How to: #1. Put tag end through eye of the hook, bring 6-8 inches through. #2. Create a loop parallel with the shank of the hook. #3. Wrap tag end around the top of the shank, beneath the eye, five times. Make sure the lines don't overlap as you do this, but that they run side by side. #4. After wrapping it, bring it through the loop you made in the beginning. #5. Cinch everything down, and pull it tight, leaving a little tag space just in case.
learn at least one? I know all three buddy!
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@dougjohnson then you'll be doing better than most of us i guess!
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