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Common diabetes supplies: 1. Blood glucose meter: Ask if a complimentary meter is provided at your first appointment with your health care provider, by rebate from a manufacturer, or from your health insurance company. 2. Blood glucose test strips: These are expensive; get a prescription from your health care provider. Depending on the health plan, a certain number of strips may be covered. 3. Lancing device: Used to obtain a blood sample for a test strip. 4. Lancet: A needle used in the lancing device. 5. Syringes: For insulin or other injectable drugs. 6. Sharps container: To contain used lancets and needles. You can use a hard plastic container with a lid, such as a laundry detergent bottle. 7. Medical identification: A card, bracelet, or necklace. 8. Food, activity, and blood glucose record book: To help you be aware of the effects of what you eat, activity, stress, and medication on your blood glucose levels and to help your health care provider make recommendations for your diabetes management.